• 游戏名称:OVR运动效应VR(OVRLocomotionEffect)
  • 游戏厂商:kurohuku
  • 游戏类型:实用工具
  • 游戏大小:20MB
  • 游戏语言:其他语言
  • 控制设备:定位运动控制器
  • 更新日期:2021-05-18
  • 支持设备:HTCVIVEOculusRiftWindowsMR
  • 游戏简介

  • 游戏详情

    “ OVR运动效果”是一种叠加工具,旨在减少VR晕车病。


    我们强烈建议您在购买前尝试免费演示。 与产品版本的唯一区别是,演示程序每次运行都有时间限制。 您可以使用库中的任何实际VR游戏测试覆盖图。 检查它是否可以减轻晕车病。








    How to use the demo?

    1. Launch a SteamVR game you want to test.

    2. Launch “OVR Locomotion Effect” from SteamVR Home > Library > BROSE ALL > OVR Locomotion Effect.

    3. Click the bottom icon on the SteamVR dashboard.

    4. Click “Demo” from sidebar.

    5. Setting an effect you want to try. You can check actual effect visual by preview button.

    6. Click “Start Demo” button then 60 sec timer starts.

    7. Close the SteamVR dashboard and input thumbsticks then effects should be displayed. You can try all features on any VR game with an overlay.

    8. After 60 sec, additional 15 sec cool time starts. After the cool time finished, you can run the demo again.

    Notes: 60 sec time limit restricts displaying effects only that is displayed during the SteamVR dashboard has closed. You can change settings or check preview any time regardless the time limits. More details of this tool, please check below description.

    Can I use on the Quest?

    Quest is not supported as a native app but you can use this tool with connecting PC via Oculus Link or Virtual Desktop.

    Disable effects

    Effects are temporarily disabled during the left and right controllers are crossing. Please fold your arms if you want to disable effects such as when you are controlling item inventory. You can enable this feature in the setting from SteamVR dashboard.

    If you want to disable effects all-time, check off the “Enable” checkbox on the SteamVR dashboard.


    You can launch OVR Locomotion Effect when the SteamVR launch by setting “Startup / Shutdown” menu in the SteamVR settings.

    SteamVR Input

    You can assign effects to any inputs like triggers or buttons via the SteamVR Input by the below way.

    1. Open SteamVR setting.

    2. Toggle Advanced Settings to “Show”. This is for setting bindings to overlay applications.

    3. Click “Controllers” -> “SHOW OLD BINDING UI”.

    4. Choose “OVR LOCOMOTION EFFECT” from the title list.

    5. Click “Edit”.

    6. The controller binding screen is displayed, then select any buttons or triggers and bind one of the below actions. Save as personal binding.

    • LeftHandEffect : Display left hand effect.

    • RightHandEffect : Display right hand effect.

    • LeftHandEffectDigital : Display left hand effect. This is shown on some buttons setting.

    • RightHandEffectDigital : Display right hand effect. This is shown on some buttons setting.

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